Reporting on A.I. Hall of Fame

15 great descriptions of AI tools in action, selected from 100s of candidates representing 80+ publications worldwide.

Aspen Digital

About the Primers

Technologies like immersive media and the decentralized web are undergoing rapid advancements. With these changes, come new terms, hype cycles, and questions about development and distribution. Overly simplified conceptions of these tools can lead to premature embrace by Silicon Valley and premature rejection by critics. 

Even the most tech-savvy among us struggle to understand and anticipate how intelligent systems will reshape our relationships with information and each other or how the metaverse may play out.

Our Approach

With the Emerging Tech Primers, Aspen Digital is building a foundation of understanding to help diversify who participates in the development, management, and use of new technologies. 

Our tactic is simple: define the questions, opportunities, and tradeoffs that are high priority and spread this information among impacted communities, social scientists, journalists, and policymakers.

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